Creation of Chaos: Volume I

 A disturbing collection of dark and twisted tales! 15 short stories of horror and suspense. Includes chapters from Pete Altieri's novels "Six" and "The Dreadful Lives of Enoch Strange". Plus an afterward that explains the reason for writing each story, and some interesting behind-the-scenes information. Cover art by Brian Uziel of Chewdog Design. 

Blackened Spiral Down

 A collection of ten short stories from Pete Altieri. The stories defy any one genre with a mix of thrillers, horror, and the supernatural. Included in the collection is the first chapter of Pete's novel "Six", and the first chapter of his new novel "This Side Toward Enemy". Stories included: Man With Spots, Unfit For Human Occupancy, Blackened Spiral Down, Elvis and the Two Dead Hookers, The Jesus Tree, Cross To Bear, Hand of the Dying, Bodies In My Pocket, Killing Machine, and Thirteen Nuns. Also included is an afterward by the author, who explains some interesting facts about each story and why he wrote it. 

The Dreadful Lives of Enoch Strange

Enoch Strange 

An existence spawned at a time unknown to man.
A horrid shell not human, not beast, but a sum of all things.
Both prison and jailer in one horrible entity. 

A facade gnarled, twisted, and a terrible
Nightmarish vision to behold.
Empathy within conjures endless misery. 

Condemned souls sentenced to reside
Within the putrid thing, fully aware of their plight.
Physically bound in agony, misery, and despair. 

Unable to escape their impenetrable cell.
Cloaked in mock and ridicule, a stark contrast
To what the prisoner once was in human form. 

Every sentence separate from the rest.
Each life more dreadful than the last
For the despicable Enoch Strange.

Dr. Wilfred Weeks, October 1612