The Dreadful Lives of Enoch Strange


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Welcome to the official website for author Pete Altieri!

This is my official website and where you'll be able to catch up on all the latest.  

My latest novel, The Dreadful Lives of Enoch Strange, is being published by Blunt Force Press, and will be released in physical copies on October 5th and digitally on October 12th.  I'm very anxious to get this out and to get some reader reactions to one hell of frightening story!  Very soon we'll be taking advance orders which will come with signed color posters and bookmarks.

Steve Tooley of S. Tooley Design has put together an amazing 60-second promo video for the novel.  We'll be releasing that very soon.  He also is the guy behind the new and improved website! 

Due to the success of my short story collection, Creation of Chaos:  Volume I GET IT HERE!, I will be doing a follow up volume.  I've got about half the stories written and once the novel is out, I will try and get the rest of them together and release it sometime in 2019.

I am working with artist Brian Uziel of Chewdog Design on an exciting illustrated novel, Deeper Than Dead.  It's a 10-part story with incredible artwork for each part and a stunning cover and poster tying it all together.  Brian and I hope to have it out sometime before summer 2019.

If you don't know, I've been co-hosting a podcast on true crime and heavy metal called Murder Metal Mayhem.  CHECK IT OUT!  It does feature adult-oriented humor and language and may not be suitable for anyone under 18.

So, there are lots of things going on.  I really appreciate your support for my work and I hope to continue to scare you senseless well into the future!

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