Murder Metal Mayhem

 Murder Metal Mayhem is a podcast that discusses fine art, classical music, and beauty tips. No! We talk about - murder, metal and mayhem. Duh! 

 If you dig murder, heavy metal and general mayhem, then this is the podcast for you! It's not for everyone, so if adult discussions laced with dark imagery and foul language upset you, then don't go any further. if it is, then proceed with vigor. Hosts Pete Altieri and Chris Shawback use their own brand of humor to provide a unique listening experience. 



Pete Altieri

 Pete Altieri played bass and sang for nearly 20 years with the original metal band, Low Twelve, and did his own internet radio show (before they were podcasts) called The Chopping Block.  He's also a horror/suspense fiction writer who has written hundreds of short stories, several novellas, and two novels.  Pete has had a love for true crime and an interest in serial killers for decades and knew that a podcast featuring murder, metal and mayhem would be the perfect concoction of all the things he loves the most!  His experience doing audio recording, engineering, and production provides the wall of sound behind the show. 

Chris Shawback

 Chris Shawback might as well have been born in a mosh pit!  He's been a huge supporter of underground metal in the Midwest and has earned his degree in mayhem with plenty of bumps, cuts, and bruises to prove it.  His love for death metal and grindcore brings a different perspective to the show, and is the perfect addition to the murder, metal and mayhem that ensues.  Chris' knowledge of true crime and serial killers is vast, and he was the catalyst who got Pete into listening to podcasts in the first place.   



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